Miami Mohsin fine art


Miami Mohsin Fine Art


Miami Mohsin was born in Kirkuk, Iraq in 1961. She made the move to Perth in Scotland in 2004 along with her two young children due to the conflict in Iraq. She is now a student at the University of the Highlands and Islands Perth – BA Hons Contemporary Art and Contextual Practise. Her inspiration for artwork comes from her motherland, Iraq; and the culture and heritage of Mesopotamia, Sumerian, Babylonian, and Assyrian. 

She has always been enthusiastic about art and that she can create a career from this passion. In this publication, you will find samples of Miami’s work which ranges from sculptures to paintings, however, Miami’s practice is not defined by these alone, as she embraces experimentation with a vast array of materials, to more personal pieces.

 Her ideology on creating sculptures is very simple: anything can be used as a medium to create a sculpture. The process of experimenting with a varied and unusual combination of materials - such as clay,  Papier mâché  , cement, wood, plaster, fabric - bring so many stimuli for the viewer. If art evokes mystery and intrigue, then I feel my work is complete. She invites you to explore and enjoy. Visitors are interested in searching for a hidden message of the sculpture. 

Exploring the idea of a story by scanning and analysing of the shape, size, form, style, and texture of the sculpture - is what stops the individual to think and interact with the art or understanding the reason behind an event - presented to the public. The more mysterious a piece, the greater the interest it can create. Searching for meaning, information and context can stimulate imagination and fascination in the viewers.